Homeopathic Migraine Treatment in India


A neurological syndrome characterized by severe headaches of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine headaches are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. This condition is more common to woman than to men. The typical migraine headache is unilateral (affecting one side of head) and pulsating, lasting from 4 to 72 hrs. Triggers include hormonal changes, certain food and drinks, stress etc. Migraine headaches can cause throbbing in one particular area that can vary in intensity. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms. Preventive and pain-relieving medication can help manage migraine headaches only for certain period. With time intensity n duration of migraine attacks start increasing if not treated from root cause.

What Causes Migraine

The immediate cause of migraine headaches is constriction, then swelling of the arteries which supply the brain, but why the arteries suddenly behave in this way is not known. Stress, hypoglycaemia, and certain foods are the most frequently cited” trigger factors of this complaint.


Usually self-diagnosable
Migraine headaches can cause throbbing in one particular area that can vary in intensity. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms.

People may experience

  • Pain areas: in the eyes, face, or neck
  • Pain types: can be dull
  • Headache: can be acute, frequent, or throbbing
  • Visual: sensitivity to light, distorted vision, or seeing flashes of light
  • Whole body: dizziness, light-headedness, or malaise
  • Sensory: aura or sensitivity to sound
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting
  • Also common: irritability, nasal congestion, or scalp tenderness


Self Care

Stress Management Pursuing an enjoyable activity or verbalising frustration to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Improved sleep habits
Good sleep practices include having a regular bedtime schedule and avoiding naps, caffeine and TV before bedtime.

Avoid migraine triggers
Common triggers include alcohol, caffeine or poor sleep.

Diet modification
Adjusting diet to reduce triggers causing disease or address dietary deficiencies.

How Homeopathy works - Giving permanent relief from Migraine

While other system of medicines for migraine like pain killers, only provide temporary relief from the pain, on the other hand homeopathic medicines treat the cause behind the frequent attacks n thereby giving complete cure. After starting our treatment, the intensity or the duration of migraine attacks start decreasing within 2 weeks of treatment.

Homeopathic medicines for migraine when given after detailed case study of individual patient and they start acting within 48 hrs of prescription and these are totally safe and do not cause any side effects. These medicines are totally safe for all age groups and even can be given to kids also. Every case of migraine presents different set of symptoms before the doctor.

At Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic we study each case individually and prescribe the medicines according to present symptoms and along with consideration of all triggering factors which induces the attacks. As symptoms of migraine vary from each person to person so there can never be the same medicines for all migraine patients. Lack of sleep and lots of stress always associated with migraine. There are many food items which always trigger the attacks and after detailed analysis of patient food habits we suggest what foods has to be avoided and what all has to be included in diet.

In all our cases of migraine we expect a complete cure within 9 months of treatment although improvement can be felt within 2 weeks of treatment. we also make sure that patients can live without any kind of pain relieving medicines after our treatment.

Caution : However, the medication must always be taken under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

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