Corona Shield – Where to find out this ???

Corona Shield – Where to find out this ???

As we all know WHO declares the corona virus a global health emergency, and this virus is mostly affecting the population where immune system of the person is weak or low to fight with this deadly virus. So it’s time we must understood the importance of strengthening our immune system.

Firstly, we have to understand what we mean by immune system, and how it functions. Also, means to strengthen it.

The immune system has evolved to recognize and eliminate foreign molecules through an integrated network of cellular and molecular interactions and thus provides the defence mechanism against pathogens. Defining the molecular basis and functional consequences of these molecular interactions may offer an opportunity both to diagnose and regulate qualitative and quantitative aspects of immune responses and, therefore, contribute to the prevention and treatment of immunologically based disorders.

The immunity plays a key role against all kinds of infections. Immunity could be innate or adaptive also.

So when we talk about corona infection, isolating yourself from crowded places to prevent contracting the infection is one of the best methods but it may not be possible in practically in this fast living life.

Its good if you can build your own personal army to protect yourself and can defend you and reduce your susceptibility to infections .it is not at all good to think that from prevention of grave disease we need stronger immunity. Our body is constantly fighting against many pathogens even without our knowing also.

To keep our army of cells fit and healthy, we should take certain measures to build a strong immune system inside us.

Tips to boost immunity.

  • Vitamin C plays a important role in maintaining the body’s natural and healthy immune system. Rich sources are amla, oranges ,lemons. You may have chyawanprash also.
  • Vitamin D3 Zinc and Probiotics along with vitamin C also helps in fighting infections.
  • Positive thoughts, meditation and yoga also helps to build a stronger immune system.
  • Deep sleep for eight hours is very important to restore body immune functions.
  • Try to avoid stress of any kind. Spend quality time with your family members to boost your energy and mood.
  • To prevent corona infection especially; keep atleast 6 feet distance from one another.
  • For prevention of infection it could be corona or any other viral infection hygiene is very important, for that always use good soap and wash your hands and fingers for 30 seconds atleast before any meals especially.
  • Regular exercise along with green vegetables in your diet also helpful in boosting our immune system.
  • Regular use of alkaline foods, lime and garlic is very helpful. 

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