Stay Healthy / Stay Positive-Minimize Your Sufferings

Stay Healthy / Stay Positive-Minimize Your Sufferings

Looking at In today’s situation everybody is suffering from some or the other disease in different Ways. Few are suffering mentally n few are suffering physically. So we can say there is pain either at the physical level or mental level. We know what do to reduce pain in the physical body, either we go to some physician or took a pain killer to get rid of it, on the other hand, the mental pain/sufferings always remain in the body. We should know how to get rid of it.

There are few things which you can do at your home at comfort of your place that mainly include eat right n sleep well.

So here are few health tips for to include in your diet to ease out mental sufferings.

Includes omega 3 fatty acids in ur diet which are found in various foods that maintains your body as well as ur mind.

a. Keeps the nervous system strong.
b. It helps to fight anxiety n depression.
c. Regulates liver function n reduces the risk of fatty liver.
d. Optimal levels insure healthy sleep n there by boost immune system.
e. Boosts calcium production & reducing risk of arthritis.
f. Omega 3 from fish oil on regular basis reduces menstrual cramps and pre menstrual symptoms.

Includes moringa or drumstick tree powder

a. It I has a powerful antioxidant properties along with anti-inflammatory properties helps in prevention of disease.
b. It contains chlorogenic acid,which shown to control blood glucose level.
c. Controls blood cholesterol, blood pressure n prevent formation of plaques in the artery.
d. Reduces visceral fat n thereby prevent formation of fatty liver.

Include Vit B12 in Your Diet

a. It prevents pernicious  anaemai, it’s a type of anemia and is considered autoimmune disorder in which a patient lacks a protein known as intrinsic factor in the stomach that plays a vital role in the absorption of vitamin b12 in the body.
b. Lack of vitamin b12 causes tiredness and fatigue along with tingling and balance issues.
c. It plays an important role in formation of myelin sheath around nerve fibers. It helps the body transport and store folic acid.
d. B12 can be obtained from cereals, soya millk, dark green leafy vegetables, pasta, breads, rice etc.

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