best multi-speciality homeopathic clinic
best multi-speciality homeopathic clinic
Dr. Sunil Khurana

Dr. Sunil Khurana
Dr. Gunjan G Khurana

Trused Since 20 Years

Dr. Sunil Khurana
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Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine based upon the ancient principle of “like cures like.”


  • Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic

Address: SCO 20, First Floor, Sector 21C, Chandigarh
For India Phone/WhatsApp: +91-9915238741

Landline Number: 0172- 504774, 0172-4008535


For NRI WhatsApp Number: +91-9915333089


Welcome to Dr. Khurana Homeopath Clinic​


Discover the pinnacle of classical homeopathic consultation and treatment at Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic in Chandigarh. Harnessing the power of modern online technology, accessing our renowned clinic is now more convenient than ever, allowing you to experience our comprehensive solutions for your health needs from the comfort of your own home. Renowned as the premier homeopathy clinic in Chandigarh, we offer effective remedies for a wide array of ailments, all tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. With a steadfast commitment to holistic healthcare, our clinic distinguishes itself as the ultimate destination for your well-being. If you are in any part of India or Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand & Dubai and seeking expert homeopathic care, look no further than Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic, where our experienced homeopathic doctors provide personalized attention to your health concerns.

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PPIOUS clinic has been awarded as
in Chandigarh, presented by
Dr. Shashi Throor
(Hon. Member of Parliament, 2012)

Meet our Expert Doctors

Dr. Sunil Khurana

is Director of Khurana Homeo Clinic. Dr. Khurana is always the first choice of the patients from abroad and of course Northen India because of his ability to cure all major chronic illness with very rapid gentle and best quality of German medicines.

Dr. Sunil Khurana started his practice in 2004 and in these 20 years he has achieved so many milestones including Awardee of Best Homeopathic Physician in Chandigarh. He has also been awarded by Dr.Shashi Tharoor (Honourable Member of Parliament) and Kapil Dev (Former Indian Cricketer) for the Best Multi-Speciality Homeopathic Clinic in Chandigarh.

Dr. Sunil has entered its branches of clinic in various cities of Punjab also. The registered head office is in Chandigarh .He has a global name in the field of homeopathy because Dr. Khurana proudly takes the credit of curing so many patients from various chronic diseases like Disc Problem, Migrane, Infertility, Fatty Liver, Acidty ,Kidney stones, Adenoid Enlargements, Asthma, Ear Infection, Tinnitus, Sinusitis, Bladder Infection, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibroids/Cyst.

Approaching Dr.Khurana is very easy and treatments of India/Abroad can be started visiting his clinic in online method as well as personal visit to clinic in Chandigarh and various parts of Punjab through appointment.

If you are getting unsatisfactory results and partial relief from chronic diseases after taking so many homoepathy medicines then look no further and connect with Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic. Visible improvement can be experienced with a short span of 2 -3 weeks after starting homeopathic medicines from Dr.Khurana Homeo Clinic.

Dr. Sunil Khurana
Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana

Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana

is a renowned homeopath, situated in the heart of city beautiful, Chandigarh with experience of more than 20 years. She has been an ardent and dedicated observer and practitioner. Driven by innumerable successful cures, she has a roaring practice and his patients swear by her guidance and knowledge. She has the credit of curing thousands of patients from Disc problems, Sciatica, Migraines, Ulcerative colitis, Fibroids. She has saved thousands of people from undue surgeries of Spine, Renal stones, Fibroids, Tonsillitis etc. Not only symptomatic, Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana makes sure that all reports whether MRI’s, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, Blood reports or Xray ‘s come normal after her treatment. Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana is very popular in India as well as various other countries, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Dubai & New Zealand. All patients treated by Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana are fully satisfied. Her clinic has been awarded the Best Homeopathic Clinic, awarded by Living Legend Mr. Kapil Dev.

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Meet our Expert Doctors

dr khurana

Dr. Sunil Khurana

dr gunjan

Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana

Diseases We Are Expert In

Disc Problems
Fibroids / Cyst
Ulcerative colitis
Ulcerative Colitis
Kidney Stones / U.T.I
Adenoid Enlargement
Allergy / Asthma
Fatty Liver
Ear Infections / Tinnitus
Frequent Cough/Chest Infection
low immunity
Frequent Fever/Low Immunity

Your Journey to Holistic Healing Begins Here with Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic

Dr. Homeo Khurana Clinic , a renowned name in homeopathy since more than 2 decades Established in 2004, clinic is located in lush green city of Chandigarh. Not only in tricity, we treat patients to distant places in India from Jammu to Kerela and our Medicines reaches overseas on daily basis to countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand as well.

We do believe in complete curative methods of treatment rather than just symptomatic management of all ailments. We do consider the medical reports into consideration. Improvement starts in 2 week’s time and we repeat the reports (blood tests, Ultrasounds, X rays, Scans etc.) in three month’s time to ensure the complete reversal of any ailment.

Approaching us is as easy as approaching a neighborhood physician. We have our reception Whatsapp number +91-9915333089. Any patient sitting globally in any country can simply drop a whatsapp message, reports, and queries at this number. Our staffs diligently revert the same day and fixes up your appointment to talk to Doctor at your convenient timings. We do not charge for this first discussion with Physician.

Once the patient is convinced to start the treatment, then only fees is to be paid which can be done online.

We send Medicines to all parts of world with our authentic certification attached along. Every three weeks, follow up is taken to ensure the patient’s improvement. In case of any problem in between even before 3 weeks, we are just a message away.

How is Homeopathy Beneficial for you?

All the homeopathic medicines are created using natural substances such as plant-based products, natural minerals, etc. Which are scientifically proven to be harmless for the body and have less side effects. They’re safe to such extent that homeopathic medicines can also be taken by children and even pregnant women.

Homeopathic medicines, being completely natural, offer numerous benefits. They work by stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms, encouraging the body to restore balance and heal itself, thereby enhancing your body’s immunity. Additionally, their natural composition ensures environmental well-being, as they do not release any toxic pollutants during manufacturing or disposal, benefiting not only your body but also preserving the environment.

In addition to these advantages, homeopathic treatment is easily accessible and pocket friendly. Dr. Khurana’s commitment to making healthcare easily accessible and affordable earns him a top spot when searching for the top homeopathic doctor in India.

Why Choose Us?

With 20 years of experience in the field of homeopathy, Dr. Khurana has immense a wealth of knowledge, employing scientific, advanced, and research-based techniques to effectively treat numerous patients. His remarkable track record inevitably places him among the top 10 homeopathy doctor in India.

Utilizing a comprehensive analytical procedure, we delve beyond mere giving medicine for diseases and their symptoms. In homeopathy, Patient-centric factors such as occupation, age, gender, and prior health issues are carefully considered before prescribing medication. This holistic approach is followed because homeopathy is based on the basic principle that you will be well if your body is well.

If you Can’t Come to us

Our esteemed online services extend globally, Yes! we’re available online, our online services are renowned when searching for online homeopathy consultation India You can easily book an appointment on our website, where Dr. Khurana will provide personalized care, offering thorough consultation and tailored treatment after careful analysis of your concerns.

So, if you’re looking for best homeopathic clinic in India, your quest concludes here. Welcome to our clinic, where we offer the finest healthcare, tailored precisely to your unique needs and lifestyle. With us, you’ll receive personalized attention and comprehensive treatment because we prioritize your well-being above all else. Your journey to optimal health begins with us, where compassionate care meets excellence in homeopathic medicine.

What Our Patients Speaks

Testimonial of Young lady cured of fatty liver grade 3… Online patient from Meerut (UP)

I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr Khurana’s homeoclinic. Dr Gunjan mam has always been so great about explaining the line of treatment and managing my expectations in terms of results. She is meticulous in her work and her staff is just so kind and polite. God bless Dr Khurana’s homeo clinic for helping me.

Patient’s Feedback

Patient with One ovary already removed… recommended IVF… Homeopathy helped… conceived in 1 month treatment.. Delivery due in December 2022

Thanks to Mam…

I am writing this to thanks Mam Dr. Gunjan G. Khurana who stood by me like pillar throughout my treatment my pregnancy journey as well, it would’t have possible without her care and support. As I was undergoing certain health issues like PCOD, migraine, allergy, hormonal imbalance, liver issues, which leads to ectopic pregnancy. One of cousin from Canada suggested me to visit Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic once to overcome all the problems and health issues. Trusting her & having faith in Mam Dr. Gunjan, started my treatment fortunately within a month, medicine worked and I conceived just because of Mam’s excellent guidance. I would highly recommend all those who have been suffering with similar issues to visit once and gather happiness.

Patient’s Feedback

Blessing of Motherhood Delivery due in January 2023

I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr Khurana’s homeo clinic. I have been diagnosed with grade 3 fatty liver and PCOD last year but Dr Gunjan mam has always been so great about explaining the line of treatment and managing my expectations in terms of results. She is meticulous in her work and her staff is just so kind and polite. Now I have conceived my first pregnancy all thanks to her excellency in the field. God bless Dr Khurana’s Homeo Clinic for helping me.

– Dr. Priyanka –

Another online PCOD case cured…

My experience with Dr.Gunjan Khurana is very good I haven’t thought to be recovered this soon she is a good guider as an doctor and in my opinion she is the best doctor It was really helpful and services were also excellent I am really very satisfied by you and your team thank you so much.

Patient’s Feedback

Testimonial from a Overwhelmed Daughter

Dr.Gunjan treated my father a month ago. After his Corona report was negative, he was discharged from hospital in April 2021 but his condition was bad .He was suffering from bad infection in chest and blood. Dr.Gunjan’s medicines worked like God’s blessings.He started improving right from day 1. After almost 4 weeks from then, he is much much better today.
Thanks Dr.Gunjan

– Manpreet –

A Thankful Mother from Panipat

My 11 year old son used to have allergic Bronchitis and asthma issues since childhood..We were recommended to Dr.Khurana clinic by one of our relatives. We started online treatment in December 2020. Within two weeks, he was at ease.His inhalers and nebulizers became a past story. His immunity got stronger to that extent that when in April 2021, our whole family was Covid positive( with two members in hospital), he was the only one to be safe and negative among us all.We can’t thank Dr.Khurana enough…I strongly recommend to put your kids in safe hands of Dr.Khurana Homeo Clinic…

A Thankful Mother from Panipat

Testimonial from Patient After Post Covid Recovery

I Paramjit Singh of kurukshetra got infected with covid 19 in March. Got negative covid 19 report in the month of April. My lungs got infected. Breathing was fast and shallow, energy level low, got tired fast. I got my body tests done. I sent these to Dr. Gunjan and consulted her on line. She sent medicines to me by courier. It was for three weeks My Breathing is as good as normal, Energy level high .Can move outdoors without any difficulty I have known Dr Gunjan for last over 20 years. More than 10 family members keep consulting and take medicine from Dr Gunjan as and when required. I have found Dr Gunjan sincerity and competence in treating via Heomopathy Over the years. I recommended Dr.Gunjan to more than hundred families and all have been satisfied God bless Dr. Gunjan

– Paramjit Singh –

Thank u mam, for saving me from this life threatening kidney problem

Thank u mam, for saving me from this life threatening kidney problem. I will be thankful to you for whole life and wish that god may keep you fit and healthy and bless you with lots of happiness!


Many of my family members and relatives got cured

My family has been associated with Dr. Sunil Khurana for a long period of time. Many of my family members and relatives got cured from various diseases like high blood pressure, Diabetes, Migraine, Plumonary Fibrosis, seasonal infections etc. I too have recieved many benifit from his consultation. I was patient of high Cholesterol, hypertension and varicocele etc. Thanks to Dr. Sunil i have managed to sail through them. It is always good to have a homeopathy medicine than an allopathic treatment, viewing side effects of allopathy. I highly recommend you to consult him.

Bikramjit Singh

(Punjab Excise and Taxation Inspector)


Dr Gunjan Khurana treated my 6 year old daughter who was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflux) and had been suffering since almost 3 years and had trouble sleeping due to the reflux. Dr Khurana prepared a diet chart for my kid and put her on the medicines for first 12 weeks. The symptoms were reduced by 50% right in the first 2 weeks itself which was such a big relief to us. She is doing perfectly alright today and we are so thankful. The medicines were very gentle and so is Dr Khurana to the kids. She is very much reachable for any of our questions. Though we are in the UK, the medicines reached right on time. Highly recommended! You can always count on her.

Patient from UK

Within fifteen days I was feeling 70% cured

At PPIOUS , professionally competent doctors take full care to understand and treat all ailments of their patients with safe and sure homeopathy. Their ethics and humanism are more curative and their patients begin on the fresh course of vigorous life. Dr Sunil and Dr Gunjan are a respectable medical fraternity.

I had a severe problem of tinitus & virtigo since six years. I went for my problem to DMC Ldh & many other hospitals. I also consult from Canada but all in vain. My friend Malkit Kaur, who is living in Australia now, suggest me to go to Dr. Sunil Khurana. PPIOUS clinic is amazing really. His diagnose is so much clear & complete. I was astonished at the result of my treatment that within fifteen days I was feeling 70% cured. Now I do all my work with confidence. I am very much thankful to Dr.Sunil Khurana who saved my life. l strongly recommend PPIOUS clinic which is really pious. Always go for homeopathy treatment.
With thanks to GOD

Ranjit Kaur Khaira W/o B.S. Khaira, SP (Rtd)

Moga, Punjab

I feel great pleasure in sharing my experiences

I feel great pleasure in sharing my experiences with Dr. Sunil Khurana and Dr. Gunjan Khurana regarding my health care consultations and treatment. I know these reputed medical specialists in Homeopathy for more than two decades. I have been fully satisfied with their no-side-effect treatment provided with a touching sense of personal care. Even the patients recommended for stomach, skin, joint pains, nervousness, respiratory problems expressed their thankfulness to these doctors practicing age-old homeopathy at PPIOUS. Their professional ethics and deep humanism have earned them a great name in the area of their operation. May they stay safe and blessed to serve the cause of ailing humanity! –

B.S. Khaira , S.P. (Retd.),

President, PPWA Pb. Chandigarh

I got cured miraculously

Hello, I am Shivek Sethi from Canada Ontario. I was suffering from Respiratory problems like Asthma breathlessness, then I prefer medicine from Pious clinic Chandigarh Dr. Sunil Khurana. I got cured miraculously. Now i go to gym doing my regular routine work jobs and everything without any health issues medicines and inhalers. I recommend Dr. Khurana for all ur health ailments, ho so ever chronic, visible results start in 2 to 3 weeks time only.

Shivek Sethi

Canada Ontario

Thank you Doctor 👨‍⚕️

I’m Nav Pahul an eczema patient n the itching on my finger was intolerable as I was unable to do my daily chores but Thanks to Dr.Sunil Khurana ( Khurana Homeo clinic) Chandigarh who cured my skin problem n relieved me from itchy skin n I was so happy 😀 to see the tremendous effect of medicine in just 15 days..

Thank you Doctor 👨‍⚕️

Nav Pahul

Hormonal Imbalance Cured

My name is Sheryl. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance from the last 5 months. So, I took medicine from Dr. Sunil Khurana and the medicine worked very well as the problem was cured within a month. He is a great doctor and not money-oriented. I shall strongly recommend Pious Clinic, Chandigarh.


Hormonal Imbalance Problem Cured

Hlo Friends..
this is Anjali Sethi here..
i really feel great full while writing few lines about Pious Clinic Chandigarh.. i m Medically connected with Dr Sunil Khurana from last 10 yrs.. I had severe Hormonal Imbalance problem …which was successfully cured by this Clinic.. even now We (Me n my Family) go for Homeopathy ( Dr Khurana) for any physical problem..So I recommend …Adopt Homeopathy Avoid Allopathy..

Anjali Sethi


Excellent Doctor – Cured my spinal disc

Excellent doctor, I had lot of spinal disc bulges and pain in back and legs. I was going through lots of difficulties. After seeing Dr. Sunil Khurana advt. in the paper I contacted him. Dr. Khurana g started my homeopathic treatment and after 8 months of treatment, I got cure completely. As per Dr. Khurana g suggestions I discontinued my treatment but till date I am normal and healthy. I personally recommend Dr Khurana to end your health ailments..

Joginder Singh

Punjab Police

Joints & Back Issues Related to Sciatica Cured

I want to thank you Dr Sunil g for your homeopathy treatment for my joints n back issues related to sciatica. A friend of mine referred me to drkhurana homeo clinic from sri mukatsir sahib. Dr sahib came into my life like a light. After my treatment, I send my near ones for asthma and migraine also. All were satisfied with Dr Sunil Khurana treatment.
Thanku sir.

Bhupinder Singh

Dr. Sunil’s Knowledge is Commendable

Dr. Sunil Khurana always goes extra mile for his patients. My daughter suffered from severe allergies. She used to have month-long cold with nasal congestion. My friend told me about him and I called him up. I live in Toronto, Canada and after consultation, he made sure to send me medicine on time. Now from the last 1 year, she is doing absolutely fine. I highly recommend Dr. Khurana Homeo Clinic. Dr. Sunil’s knowledge is commendable. I value his kindness and compassion to treat people. I trust him completely. Thank you Dr. Sunil Khurana for helping my daughter to grow as a healthy young girl…

Roma Brar


Spinal Disc Problem Cured

I,  Surinder Singh Sodhi, an IPS officer had been suffering from spinal disc problems. I have been an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST and CAPTAIN of Indian Hockey team and may be because of being a sportsman, my spinal issues deteriorated. There was pain in hips and back making it difficult to sit for few minutes in car and office .After trying numbers of Doctors and pathies, I fortunately came across Dr. Sunil Khurana and I found my healer.Within few days after his Homeopathic treatment ,I started improving and within few months, I was totally normal. My difficulties went, painkillers became a past and I was back on my hectic responsibilities with same confidence and energy. I am grateful to Dr. Khurana. After my positive experience, I referred many of my friends and knowns to him;not only for spinal disc issues but also for other ailments. All got cured and satisfied. At times, I feel it was magic.I myself is an ARJUN AWARDEE, wish there was any award I could have given him for his wisdom and healing hands.
Thank you Dr.Sunil Khurana

Surinder Singh Sodhi, IPS Officer

I’m very Grateful to Dr. S.K.Khurana for his consultation.

Myself Anu Singla…I am resident of Moga, Punjab. I had been suffering from Arthritis for the last few years and I had consultant many doctors and had tried many allopathic medicines but i had no relief. Fortunately, then I get to know about Dr S.K. khurana. With his consultation, I started homeopathic and have observed visible results in my problem. There is an unbelievable result of his treatment. I have got favourable test reports. His prescription is out of his experience and that really does magic.I recommend him as the best homeopathic doctor.


Anu Singla

I Recommend Them

One experienced and knowledgeable doctor, who has full logic to their treatment, recommend her completely.

Parul Nanda

Very Professional & Intelligent Doctors

Dr. Khurana is a very Professional & Intelligent doctor.
She treats her patients well. I was suffering from allergy and better now after treatment.

Kavita Sharma

Highly recommended for every ailment

She is simply superb!! All adjectives in her praise… Highly recommended for every ailment.

Abeer Zara

The Most Trusted & Experienced Doctors

The most trusted and experienced doctors. They have solutions for every problem.

Saanjh Arora

Dr Gunjan is very nice

Dr Gunjan is very nice. she treats patients with very well. I suffer liver problems from many years after taking mam’s medicine I feel good and send many other patients and they are also feel good.


Multiple Issues Cured

Dr. Khurana is a very intelligent doctor and a very nice person. She listens to the patient very patiently and clears all the doubt. My mother in law was having severe health issues including thyroid, liflots. But after Dr Khurana’s treatment, she’s all fine and living a healthy life. Thank u team and Dr Khurana.


Highly recommended for every ailment

I m immensely thankful to u… I m leading a wonderful and confident life just because of u. Lots of blessings, U r best(est) doctor and person… Highly recommended for every ailment.


Gynecological & Spinal Disc Problem Cured

Excellent Doctor, my wife had a gynecological problem and I had a spinal disc problem. we both are absolutely fine after Dr. Khurana’s treatment.


My Son Got Cured with Adenoids

Dr. Gunjan is the best in the field of Homeopathy in tricity. My son got cured with adenoids in less than a span of 4 months. Surgery was recommended by ENT doctor but we trusted her n got cured


Severe Spine Problems Cured

I was suffering from severe spine problems.
Unable to do normal work. After getting treatment from Gunjan mam, I am fine now and able to do normal work. Thanks a lots to Gunjan mam.


Trusted Homeopathic Doctor

Dr Gunjan is a trusted homeopathic doctor and counsellor for our family in India. She listens to the patient personally and believes in curing the medical ailments from the root. In my personal experience – my mother was bedridden 3 years back due to sciatica caused by a herniated disc. Traditional medicine had suggestions for the cure by prescription of pain killers/steroids/muscle relaxants and surgery as last option with no guaranteed results. Then we contacted Dr. Gunjan, the medication started showing results in the initial 3 weeks itself and my mother was completely cured in 3 months. Throughout the treatment (virtually, on phone) Dr Gunjan was very thorough with verifying medical history, providing interim check up for improvements and suggesting follow up stretch exercises to be continued after the course of the medicine. Dr Gunjan had also provided pre and postpartum care for my wife for a healthy motherhood. We highly value and recommend Dr Gunjan. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us.

– Sandeep Rajan –

Thyroid & PCOD Problem Solved

Great Doctor … I am from Haryana. I was suffering from Thyroid problems and Pcod. All get cured with Dr.Gunjan’s medicine i lost 13 kg . Now I got engaged. My life turned into paradise because of mam. Thank you so much.

Princy Rani

Ovarian Cyst Cured

Doctor Gunjan is so a gentle and nice person. And of course, she does a good job and so professional. Her staff all as sweet as her.
Six Years back I was suffering from ovarian Cyst. because of that, I was not able to conceive. Many Doctors Recommended me for surgery. Thanks to Dr. Gunjan without surgery she Removed my cyst through medication and I blesses with two lovely daughters.
After that, I send around 20 Patients to her and all are satisfied.
She is best… I ever saw.

Vibha Singh

Multiple Issues Cured

Excellent doctor many of my relatives come to her ..all cured .. fibroids, disc problems….
all satisfied


Conceiving Problem Resolved

One of my family friends recommended Dr. Khurana to me as we were facing a problem in conceiving. After 2 months of treatment now we are proud parents of a cute daughter.

Aditya Chauhan

Ludhiana, Punjab

Asthma Cured

My son was suffering from asthma since long, Dr. Khurana cured him in just 1 month. Now he is perfectly fine. Thank You Dr. Khurana

Shruti Sharma


Disc Problem Cured

Dr. Khurana is a master in Homeopathy, I was suffering from Disc problem from past 10 years. He just took a few months to cure me.

Daljeet Singh

Khanna, Punjab


You may have some queries or questions please contact us. Our presence is dedicated to delivering the answers you need.

Absolutely, we do offer online homeopathy consultations. You can connect with our skilled homeopathy doctor for personalized treatment sessions.

The timeline for experiencing results from homeopathic treatment varies from person to person. While some may find immediate relief, others might notice improvement over 2 or 3 weeks time. It depends on the individual’s condition and their body’s response to the treatment.

Opting for homeopathy treatment at our clinic ensures a safe and natural healing process without any adverse effects. Our approach focuses on addressing the root cause of the ailment rather than just alleviating symptoms. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve successfully treated numbers of  patients for various issues including disc, migraine, PCOD, fibroids, asthma, fatty liver , joint pain, allergies, and more.

Typically, a homeopathy consultation spans from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your treatment requirements. Our doctors thoroughly assess your health condition and medical history before commencing personalized treatment.

Homeopathy medicine can be used with conventional medicines but certainly they have few restrictions. It’s crucial to inform your doctor or healthcare provider about any homeopathic remedies you’re taking to prevent potential interactions.

Yes, we provide home delivery services for homeopathy medicines & we also provide home delivery services to our clients in Canada, USA, UK,  Australia, Germany, UAE, and worldwide.